Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So I'm officially a Kleine Zalze Ambassador... what have I done?

So I’ve recently been selected as a Kleine Zalze Wine Estate Ambassador and I’m wondering, what’s in store for me? As part of the programme, I’ve committed to demonstrating my joie de vivre, enriching my adventures with complimentary wines and celebrating with compelling stories for all to read on this blog. My goodness, I’ve got that morning after feeling and I’m wondering – what have I gotten myself into? Will I feel compelled to fill my writing with superlatives, platitudes and gushing about how fabulous life is? Will I truth tell for better or worse, boring or otherwise? Perhaps the other Ambassadors will be far more interesting than me and I’ll somehow get voted off this avatar-island we’ve all so suddenly populated. Ok, I tell myself - calm down. A shipment of lovely wine is coming my way, and we’ll soon be informed of the first Ambassador Challenge. How bad can it be? I love wine. I love trying new wine. I love trying wines I like again and again. I remind myself of the prize – a weekend of the Good Life on the Kleine Zalze Estate, and the opportunity to share my musings with other wine enthusiasts. Ok, I think. I might just be ready. Let the adventure begin!


  1. Very cool, I am keen to read more, get those fingers a typing there!! Txx Tani

  2. errr -- what happened???

  3. Well... the experience was a three-month long competition and I really enjoyed being able to focus on writing about wine and of course I really enjoyed all the free wines that were sent my way, too! Best of all, I actually WON the competition and am making plans for an all-expense paid weekend at the estate including golf and dinner at Terroir! It was fantastic and if you are into wine I recommend applying for the next round which should be starting in a few months time at